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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raspberry Sauce to top Any Meat

This is a great Marinade or Sauce to top any Meat. Zachy has not yet been approved to eat Meats on the Eosinophilic Guideline Diet, however I try to experiment for the future. And, any mom of a child with food allergies knows that most Marinades, Sauces, and Dressings contain Soy, Dairy, and Gluten. Not to mention all the other un-healthy stuff in them like, High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Sodium. Crazy right?! I was shocked too. Any who, on with the sauce. A great part of cooking Allergy Free, even if my little guy can't share, is that I don't have to stress about touching him while I'm enjoying my food. Zachy's allergies to Wheat and Dairy are so bad that if it even touches his skin he will get hives and start wheezing. One time dad kissed him after he ate a granola bar that contained yogurt, and Zachy's whole face swelled up. Needless to say we get a little anxious when people are eating Wheat or Dairy and don't wash their hands before touching our son. If I can create meals that don't contain the things he's allergic to, it makes my life that much easier. Getting up to wash my hands every time his Sippy Cup hits the floor, or his spoon is too far out of reach, or he wants to offer me some of his food to eat, can be quite the task. With this meal, I williningly helped him with sauce all over my little fingers. Enough jabber, lets get to the point. I baked some Boneless Chicken Breasts with a little Salt, Pepper, Onion Salt, and Olive Oil. Once the Chicken was fully Cooked I drizzled this sauce over the top, and the results were amazing. It made for some very delicious, Allergy Free Dinner that the Hubs, and the 3 year old Man-Child both approved of. 


15 oz Fresh Raspberries
Olive oil
1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic
1/4 Cup Lemon or Citrus Juice
1 Tbsp. Pure Maple Syrup


1. Heat a small sauce pan with Olive Oil drizzled in the bottom
2. Once oil is popping, add 15 oz of washed, fresh raspberries
3. Add Minced Garlic and Lemon Juice to sauce pan
4. Let cook on Medium High until boiling
5. Once boiling turn heat to Low and use a masher to burst the fruit
6. Add Maple Syrup and stir well
7. Turn heat off to allow it to thicken some. 
8. Use to top any Meat of Choice


  1. This is one of my fav sauces! I love it with green chilis added too!

    1. Yummy that sounds super good. I think it would be good with some jalapeño too. Playing with it


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