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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stupid Easy Allergy Friendly Pasta


Quinoa Pasta *Purchased at Sprouts*
1 Jar of Kirkland Marinara Sauce *Costco brand is the most allergy-friendly*
1 Zucchini
Sea Salt to taste
Olive Oil


1. Boil a pot of water and add Quinoa Pasta. My advice is use a lot of water!!!!! Quinoa absorbs quickly. The more water the better the results. 
2. Chop Zucchini into half circles
3. Saute Zucchini in a Pan coated with Olive oil and Sea salt
4. When Zucchini is soft, add to sauce pan with Marinara Sauce and let simmer on low.  Set Zucchini pan aside
5. Once Quinoa Pasta is soft, strain out water and flip in pan with olive oil left over from Zucchini
6. Once Marinara Sauce is warm, add the Pasta and mix well.
7. Serve and Enjoy your Allergy-Free Italian Dish!


  1. I like quinoa, but haven't tried the quinoa pasta.

    1. Oh it's way yum! So much better than the brown rice or even whole wheat pasta. It holds it's shape too which I was surprised!


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