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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Product of the Week #3

Quinoa! Just a fad or is this stuff as good for you as they say? I'll give you the facts and let you decide. As many of the 'glutards' have come to find out, wheat is the new 8th deadly sin. Why? Because recent research has proven that most of the nutrition is completely processed out of it. For people with gluten sensitivity, wheat can put a person on the couch for hours. Some people just avoid all grains in order to let their guts heal. My approach to this is that our bodies need Carbs, but healthy carbs. Carbohydrates is what fuels our bodies to have energy. It plays an important role in metabolism and regulation of absorption of nutrients. Sure some carbs are found in fruits and starches, but does the average person consume enough fruits to give them the same carbohydrate intake as a grain? Usually not. The problem with many gluten-free foods, is that many of them are made with rice, almonds, corn, and potatoe. These aren't exactly healthy alternatives to wheat. Especially for People surffering from diabetes. Rice and potato are carb loaded and lack proteins we need. Almonds and corn are not good for the allergic person because they contain allergens. So what grains can we eat?? Don't get so hopeless. This new wonder grain is good for everyone. It's full of protein, it's low in the glycemic index, and it contains vital and healthy carbohydrates that our bodies require to convert food into energy.

Here are the nutrition facts. For every gram consumed, your body takes in 1 gram of protein per 1 gram of carb. That gives blood sugar a chance to regulate as your body breaks this stuff down. 

It's totally hypoallergenic. It's actually just the bud of a plant. So there isn't much processing that needs to be done to it once it's harvested. There aren't any additives either. This makes the person suffering from sensitive digestive issues, able to consume it without problems. It doesn't cause inflammation like rice or millet either. It's easy on the gut. 

It can be ground and made into a powder to add to flour mixes. It can be used in place of oats in recipes, or even used as an oatmeal. It's versatile if you haven't caught my drift. 

How do you cook it? Just like rice, 2 cups of liquid to 1 cup of Quinoa. Let it boil for about 20 minuets until all liquid is cooked out. I personally cook mine in chicken stock. But you can use water and get the same result. What do I eat it with? Use it like rice in any recipe. Add it to soups, use it as a side, or pour meat and juices over it. Get creative. 

Lastly, where do I but this? Costco, if you've been following me for any amount of time you know that I love Costco. The cost equals out to be less than $2 a pound. Most health food stores or regular grocery stores carry it, but for double the price. Buy bulk and save! Enjoy.


  1. You're blog looks so professional, no exaggeration! The pics are creative and awesome too! learning tons from you!

  2. Wow thanks Shannon. What a compliment. Funny you say that cause that is number 1 on my list of things I want to improve about my Blog...better photography. Thank you so much for following and reading. I'm glad it's helping you. I've learned a lot by researching blog topics.


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